We offer assessments, coachings, trainings, management development consulting and management audits

    Assessments provide insights into a person’s strengths, weaknesses and potential with regard to various competencies. These enable us to formulate a clear prognosis of skills pertinent to the success of a particular function and/or position. The assessments look at managerial, sales or other behaviours, depending on the given situation. We focus on your vacant position and provide you with the necessary basis on which to make your decision for the best possible appointment. We offer selection and development assessments along with situation analyses, and carry out individual and group assessments.
    As experienced coaches, we offer coaching sessions suited to your needs. In one-to-one coaching sessions, such as the Leadership and Career Coaching for Executives, we work on goal-oriented measures to protect your performance in your career and stand alongside you as your sounding board. With our systematic onboarding coaching, we support the quick and efficient integration of top executives during the critical inaugural phase of a new company or role. Our coaching is crucial in quickly releasing the performance potential of new executives within a company. In our team coaching sessions we help you and the team to make use of individual capabilities and develop optimal team performance.
    We tailor our training courses to your individual wishes. We boast years of extensive experience in designing and implementing training courses and seminars on the topics of self-guidance and staff management, systematic and targeted interview techniques, and need-driven selling. We also offer these seminars as open access workshops for interested individuals.
    We are professional partners in structuring and optimising your management development. We will assist you to further develop the competency and strategic skills of your managerial staff.
    We support your organisation in evaluating and forming your management team. We define, with you, the competences required within the particular board, we analyse the skills already present in a management audit and we evaluate the existing potential.

    Tried and tested methods

    assess+perform only uses methods based on scientific findings and tools which have proven effective in practice.


    Assessments are a matter of confidence

    assessment and management audit reports are treated with the utmost confidentiality, and, in order to safeguard the privacy of assessment subjects, they are only intended for the client. They are designed to be a basis for decision-making for a maximum of 2 years from their creation

    Electronic data are saved in our secure and password-protected servers for a maximum of 2 years. Printed documents are stored safely, secured against theft and locked away.