Legal notices

1. General
The website of assess + perform ag is structured specifically for individual countries and designed for visitors in the respective countries. Therefore, the following legal notices only apply for the use of the website in Switzerland (“website”). assess + perform ag is the provider (“provider”) of this website intended for Switzerland.

2. Copyright
Copyright of assess + perform ag. All rights reserved. All pieces of work, in particular texts, images, graphs, audio, video and animated data published on this website as well as their arrangement are subject to copyright and other laws on the protection of intellectual property. They must not be used on websites of third parties or for commercial purposes or saved to be forwarded to a third party, edited, copied, transmitted or changed without the written authorisation of assess + perform ag. Work provided by a third party and published in this website is subject to their copyright.

3. Data protection
3.1    General
The data collated when visiting this website can be edited in accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act.

3.2    Editing personal data
The web server always saves the name of the visitor’s internet provider when he visits this website, the website from which the visitor accesses this website, the parts of the website of assess + perform ag the visitor accesses, as well as other data such as the date and the duration of the visit. Apart from that, personal data are only saved when the visitor provides them voluntarily, i.e. as part of the registration, a survey or contest.

3.3    Use and disclosure of personal data and purpose
The provider uses the visitor’s personal data for technical administrative purposes of the website, client administration, product surveys and marketing only to the extent necessary for the particular case. For this purpose the visitor’s data is saved or not depending on the type of enquiry. Data that is saved by the provider can be forwarded to assess + perform ag or another company of the group for the mentioned purposes. Transfers of people-related data to public institutions and offices may take place only within the framework of the relevant national legal regulations. Employees who gain knowledge of the visitor’s data must treat them confidentially.

3.4 Choice 
The purpose of the website is to provide information about the services of assess + perform ag to its visitors and possibly to make surveys about it. The participation in these activities is voluntary. In the event a visitor does not agree with this use, he can communicate it to the provider at any time, who will ensure that data are blocked correspondingly.

3.5   Cookies
The provider uses cookies to monitor the visitors’ preferences and to be able to design the website in the best possible way. Cookies are small files that are stored temporarily on the visitor’s hard drive. The information stored in the cookies makes navigation easier; it also makes a website much more user-friendly. Obviously, a visitor can also access websites without cookies. The provider’s cookies do not contain any personal-specific information, thus the user’s private sphere is protected. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. The help function of the browser shows the user how to change these settings. If the user does not accept cookies it may lead to limitations of the functions of the offers provided on the website of assess + perform ag.

3.6   Safety
The provider employs technical and organisational safety measures to protect the data the provider or a third party are authorized to manage against accidental or purposeful manipulation, loss, destruction or access on the part of unauthorized people. These safety measures are continuously adapted to the latest technological developments.

3.7 Right to information
Upon request, the provider informs the visitor pursuant to valid legislation whether and what of his personal data is saved. Should incorrect information be saved despite all efforts on the part of the provider to only save correct and current data, the provider shall correct them upon the visitor’s request.

4. Trade marks
All trade marks of assess + perform ag included on the website, in particular model names, logos and emblems are subject to the protection of trade marks.

5   Licensing law
The intellectual property of assess + perform ag presented on this website, in particular any patents, intellectual creations, copyrights and trade marks, etc. are protected. By using this website no licensing rights are granted to use the intellectual property of assess + perform ag or a third party.

6.   Statements about the future
Many websites contain statements about the future (they use words like “expect”, “estimate”, “hope”, “plan”, etc.) The provider rejects any intention or obligation to update any of these statements about the future.

7.   Services and prices
Services and prices are non-binding and can only be understood as an approximation. They may change at any time and may not correspond to the information on the website. The visitor can only obtain binding information about our services and prices from assess + perform ag.

8.   Liability
This website has been compiled applying the usual care, and it is updated continuously (with the exception of item 6). Deviations from the current offer cannot be excluded. Information on this website is not a covenant or guarantee in any form, explicitly or implicitly. Liability for up-to-dateness, correctness and completeness of this website is explicitly excluded. Online information does not replace the individual personal advice of assess + perform ag.

Liability for damage of any kind caused by the direct or indirect use of this website is excluded, unless this damage can be ascribed to purpose or gross negligence of the provider. The provider excludes all liability for third parties referred to on this website by means of links. In particular, the provider does not take on any responsibility for their content and/or up-to-dateness. By clicking on the link the visitor leaves this website, and the present regulations are not applicable any longer.

9    Other regulations
In the event of signing a binding purchase contract, only the General Terms of Conditions the purchase contract is based on apply.

10    Applicable law and jurisdiction
In the case of disputes arising from the use of this website destined for people with a residence in Switzerland, Swiss law is applicable. The application of Swiss conflict of law rules.