We apply methods tested in research and practice efficiently in order to achieve effective results for our clients

    We only uses methods based on scientific findings and tools which have proven effective in practice. We work together with you to carefully and considerately tailor them to your individual needs.

    To enable efficient and effective collaboration with you, we set ourselves the highest of standards. We attentively advise and cater for our clients according to their specific needs with our distinctive service. We exercise exceptional care in our investigations, analyses and recommendations. We treat executives with great respect and cater to their individuality.

    Customer services

    We offer assessments, performance management, management audits and coaching

    Customer services

    Individual applicable references

    Trust the experts to assess your employees and their competencies. Trust is based on an appropriate track record and we will be happy to document this for you with the help of individually selected references. Please contact Brigitta Schläpfer.