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    Increasing specialisation and demographic change mean that personnel with the required skills will be in ever-shorter supply. As a result, competency-based selection and development are becoming central factors when it comes to leadership of employees and HR-related work.
    With our company-specific and function-specific assessments and management audits, we offer customized methods of evaluating the suitability of candidates and assessing the potential of talents. This gives you an informed foundation on which to base your personnel selection and development decisions.
    However, we don’t stop there. We also support you with management development programmes and coaching sessions in order to tap your employees’ and teams’ performance-related potential in a targeted manner.

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    Trust the experts to assess your employees and their competencies. Trust is based on an appropriate track record and we will be happy to document this for you with the help of individually selected references. Please contact Brigitta Schläpfer.

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    As member of the Swiss Assessment assess+perform ag is committed to meeting their quality standards.