Senior Consultant

Manuela Brinkmann studied psychology at the University of Bochum, graduating with an MA equivalent in this subject. She is interested in the latest scientific insights in the field of employee development and empowerment, and keeps herself up to date both in terms of new methods and in her role as a consultant.

Before coming to assess + perform ag, Manuela Brinkmann worked in various leading consultancy roles. As the managing director of a consultancy, she has spent the last 26 years developing projects in the areas of consultation, change management, training and coaching for a broad range of sectors.

Manuela Brinkmann is a consultant with a proven track record and wide-ranging expertise, which she brings to bear in both the private and public sector. She has worked on a variety of challenging projects for customers, implementing strategy development processes, comprehensive cultural change projects, training workshops, coaching workshops and assessments, among other things. She has an extensive repertoire of methods and tools at her disposal, which she successfully implements in numerous customer projects. Thanks to her many years of experience, she is able to evaluate assesses in a comprehensive, structured and precise manner, with an emphasis on affirmative and development-orientated feedback. She is skilled at combining her experience as a psychologist with the relevant business perspective, using this as the basis for making success-related evaluations with great customer-relevance. She has also written numerous specialist books and articles on the topics of strategy development, communication psychology and sales psychology.

Manuela Brinkmann has been working for assess+perform as a Senior Consultant since march 2014, focussing on assessments, management auditing, coaching and management development consultancy.

In addition to her native language of German, she also speaks fluent English.

Manuela Brinkmann likes to spend her leisure time out in the open air with running or hiking. In addition she practices Yoga or relaxes while reading an inspiring book. Besides to political and social issues she is interested in technical innovations and the use of new media.

Core competencies


Assess skills, create development foundations, initiate development


Dealing with increasingly demanding tasks and ongoing changes is challenging