Senior Consultant

Thomas Gatzka studied psychology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and graduated with a degree in psychology. In his diploma thesis he dealt with the development and validation of a situational judgment test for the assessment of teamwork skills.

Thomas Gatzka gained his first practical experience as a graduate and teaching assistant at the Department of Personnel and Organizational Psychology at the University of Fribourg, where he gained insights into various topics. Subsequently, he was project manager at the School of Applied Psychology at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, where he was responsible for the development of several online assessments, including the construction of subject-specific competence and personality modules, as well as their digital implementation. After an internal function change to lecturer with a focus on aptitude assessment, psychological tests, and personality psychology, he deepened his specialist knowledge and at the same time expanded his knowledge in the conception and implementation of practical seminars.

Thomas Gatzka works as a senior consultant at assess+perform since 2019 and performs assessments and trainings. In addition, he is completing his dissertation on the “relevance of openness to experience to academic achievement”.

In addition to his mother tongue German, he speaks fluent English.

Thomas Gatzka prefers to spend his free time with digital photography, and he is also a passionate cook. After a demanding day at work, he finds peace and quiet in woodworking.

Core competencies


Assess skills, create development foundations, initiate development


Strategy-led competence management, continuous staff and management development